NOLA BeeKeeping Laws

New Orleans Louisiana Code of Ordinances City of New Orleans Louisiana ARTICLE VI. HONEY BEES basically states the following rules:

  1. Hives must be registered annually
  2. Bees must be kept in standard Langstroth hives with removable frames
  3. When bees are closer than 25 ft from a neighbor’s property line, you must have a flyaway barrier of at least 6 ft between the properties.
  4. Beekeeper must provide a water source for bees.
  5. Apiary must be well kept and be generally maintained to avoid bee robbery.
  6. Beekeeper must requeen aggressive queens.
  7. Limit 2 hives per 1/4 acre, 4 for under 1/2 acre, 6 under 1 acre, 8 for 1 acre.
  8. Apiary must be well marked.
  9. Apiary shall be open to health inspection officers.

2 Responses to NOLA BeeKeeping Laws

  1. Eric Bucich says:

    Hello, I am interested in where you found this “ARTICLE VI. HONEY BEES ” as it relates to the city of New Orleans. I can not find it.

  2. bonbeelog says:

    Municode for some reason has this section “reserved” but I got the info from here:

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