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LaDonna Has Arrived

On June 15, my neighbor Lili and I drove to Harahan, La to meet my favorite beekeeper, Jeff (who sold me my last hive). Jeff is a bee relocater who specializes in removing honey bees from people’s homes and selling … Continue reading

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Bee’s Bounty

People that have cats and dogs for pets call them their “children” and consider themselves their “parents”. For the past few weeks, I have been trying to determine the proper analogy for my relationship with my bees. I am not … Continue reading

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Response to Comments and Feedback

Thank you for you comments and feedback. Let me take a moment to better explain the hive make-up and the Mother’s Day Massacre. When constructing the basics of the hive, a beekeeper has a few options. First, you can have … Continue reading

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Crowded bees get bored

Delilah inspection #4: June 10, 2010: This wasn’t really an inspection, more like a quick fix for MISTAKE #4. On my last inspection, there was a lot of honey. Thinking that I was going to have to harvest honey, I … Continue reading

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Bee Keeping for Bonnie

Delilah inspection #1: May 1, 2010: When I first got my wooden ware, I was so excited to get started I painted all the boxes that night. MISTAKE #1 I painted the inside of two of the boxes as well. … Continue reading

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